What is Upcycling ?

Upcycling is generally understood as a design-based circular fashion approach, where pre- or post-consumer textile waste material is repurposed to create new garments. Upcycling is a growing trend among fashion designers, helping to save resources and keep tonnes of textile waste out of the waste stream. 

474co Upcycling edging, also part of the visual identity for the 474 sustainable development efforts, can be seen on the back of its newly designed streetwear.

Max our creative director has been designing the Men’s clothing collections for 474co since 2014, while Williams has overseen its business since 2019. “New ideas and inspirations are what drive us, and when that comes from an existing model, it’s even way more exciting. So we had our environmental beliefs, and we also had this dormant stock. Putting the two together might seem logical, but actually doing it was completely new: Before deconstructing the Denim, we had to deconstruct our way of thinking and working – i.e we upcycled our thinking and ideas!”

For the first time ever, we were going to create a new Denim from an existing model.”  Bit by bit, the prototype became more colorful and lower profile than the original, took shape. Now we are excited to see where this approach would lead us, starting from creating one OFF’s.

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